Beware! These things will kill your sex drive.

Some people do many things well when they’re stressed. But feeling sexy usually isn’t one of them. Stress at work, home, or in relationships can happen to anyone. Learning how to handle it in a healthy way really helps. You can learn to relax when you are stressed, a counsellor or doctor can also help.

Problems with your partner
Problems with your partner are among the top sex-drive killers. For women, feeling close to our partner is a major part of desire. For both sexes, watch out for fights, poor communication, feelings of betrayal, or other trust issues. all these will negatively impact your sex life. If it’s proving difficult to get back on track, reach out to a couples counsellor.

A lot of people believe a drink makes you feel more open to sex. But too much alcohol can numb your sex drive. Being drunk may also be a turn-off for your partner. If you think you have a drinking problem, seek help. Before it kills your libido.

Too Little Sleep
If your sexiness seems missing, it could also be because you’re not getting enough sleep. Do you go to bed late or rise too early? Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep, or a condition such as sleep apnea? Anything that messes with a good night’s rest can mess with sex. Fatigue impacts sexy feelings. Work on your sleep habits.

Having Kids
Technically, you don’t lose your sex drive once you’re a parent. But it’ll probably be difficult finding time to be intimate with your partner with kids under foot. Hire help or get someone to watch your kids sometimes so that you and your partner can have some alone time. New baby? Try a quickie during baby’s nap time 😉

Poor Body Image
Feeling sexy is easier if you like how you look. Work on accepting your body as it is today, even if you’re working to get in shape. Feeling good about yourself can put you in the mood. If your partner has low esteem, assure them that you find them sexy.


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For many women, their sex drive lowers tremendously around menopause. That’s partly because of symptoms like vaginal dryness and pain during sex. But every woman is different, and it’s possible to have a great sex life after menopause by tending to your relationship, self-esteem, and overall health.

Lack of Closeness
Sex without intimacy can kill desire. Intimacy is more than just sex. If your sex life is lacking spark, try spending more non-sexual time together, just the two of you. Talk, snuggle, massage one another. Find ways to express love without having sex. Getting closer can rebuild your sex drive.

Erection Problems
Men with ED (erectile dysfunction) often worry about how they will be able to perform sexually, and that worry can drain their desire. ED is treatable. Couples can also find ways of keeping it from affecting their relationship. If you’d like to identify some symptoms of ED, read this.

Some drugs can tone down desire. Switching drugs or dosages may help so ask your doctor about that. But never stop taking any medicine on your own. Tell your doctor, too, if your sex drive stalls soon after you start taking a new drug. For a list of drugs that can affect libido, check here.


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Exercises to help you have better sex

Did you know studies have found that extra weight lowers libido? If this is not the case for you the kudos. But if it is, then read on to find out some of the exercises you can do that will help you shed some weight and provide an added bonus: better orgasms!

Getting a good workout  can amp up the pleasure for you and your partner. Any activity that gets your heart beating faster and you breathing harder, whether it’s a brisk walk, cycling or dancing can boost blood flow — including to your nether regions. That’s a plus for both genders: stronger erections for men and greater arousal for women. 

Harvard researchers found that male and female swimmers in their 60’s had sex lives similar to people 20 years younger. Swimming helps build endurance, boosts blood flow, improves flexibility and strength, and diminishes stress. It also burns some serious calories.

Core Work
A strong and flexible core boosts almost everything we do. This also includes performing between the sheets. An added bonus? You may be one of the lucky people who can have an orgasm while exercising: something called a “coregasm!!!” It tends to happen during core-strengthening workouts like crunches. Lucky lucky You!

Frog Pose
This pose makes you more flexible during lovemaking, says NYC-based exercise physiologist Liz Neporent. It’s an intense hip opener that stretches your inner thighs, groin, and hips. It also releases stress, which can be a real buzz-kill in bed.

The Hinge
If you would like to hold yourself in a “particular position” without your back or legs getting tired or cramped, Neporent recommends practising The Hinge. Lean back at a 45-degree angle for a few seconds before returning upright, and repeat. The move is subtle but creates a lot of staying power.

These exercises were developed to treat urinary incontinence by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. A strong pelvic floor also means explosive orgasms! Women may be more familiar with Kegels, but they also help men prevent premature ejaculation. Studies show most people don’t do them correctly though. Ladies, if you put a finger in your vagina, you should feel a pulling up when you squeeze. Men, your penis will lift up.

Planking works to strengthen the deepest layer of your ab muscles: the core, along with your upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. These muscles help stabilise you so you can stay close to your partner when and where it counts most. Do it once a day, and build up to 60 seconds or longer. If it’s too challenging on your toes, try balancing on your knees instead.

Cat/Cow Stretch
This yoga pose can also act as another form of foreplay. It limbers your spine, helps get you into an even breathing rhythm, and improves focus. Move with a steady flow, so that each rounding up of your spine(the cow part) takes a full breath out and each downward arch(the cat part) takes a full breath in.

Pelvic Thrust
This move is a key part of whatever your favourite position in bed might be: be it missionary or cowgirl. But powerful pushes can be exhausting when you’re out of shape. Work your glutes, calves, and hamstrings to build stamina and flexibility. Pelvic thrusts also sculpt your bum, so you look good and feel good.

Better Together
Couples who sweat together stay together, so make an exercise date with your significant other. Studies show that challenging physical activities spark arousal. You’ll be more attracted to your partner post-workout. So coordinate your actions; for example, run at the same pace or go to a samba class to strengthen your emotional connection even more.

If you would like to identify proven sex drive killers, check here.


Culled from WebMD


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