How to walk in high heels

Moe Kelso, a model and the fashion expert on CBC’s TV talk show Steven and Chris, is a go-to pro for actresses who need tips on how to walk gracefully in heels. Here’s her method:

Stand tall (resist the urge to lean forward), pull in your midsection, and when you go to take a step, use your quadriceps. ‘Lift your quads so your toes are the last part of your foot to leave the floor. Step forward and land lightly on your heel, as if you’re putting your heel and toes down at the same time.’ And what is an appropriate height?

‘With practice, many women can get the knack of walking in two- to three-inch heels,’ she says.

A high heel is any heel that goes above 2 inches. But our feet pay a high price when we wear high heels. Heels that are 2 inches or higher propel the body forward, turning the simple act of walking into an awkward chore. They also point the foot downward, reducing its ability to flex and absorb shock. This leaves areas like the knees and hip joints to pick up the slack, which can aggravate and sometimes even cause arthritis.

But any woman who has experienced that terrific feeling of glamour while wearing a great pair of high heels will attest that there’s no substitute for these beauties. The benefits are also there: They give shape to your calf muscles and elongate the look of legs to make you appear longer and leaner. Wearing high heels may even improve your pelvic floor muscles.

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10 staple items in a curvy woman’s closet

Every woman knows that there are some key essential outfits to own. These outfits are the corner stone of every wardrobe. For those who embrace the minimalist lifestyle, the key essentials are all they need. Different pieces can be interchanged and paired together to form a different outfit. Here’s a YouTube video, if visuals work better.

For the curvy woman, here’s a list of 10 items that form the cornerstone of our wardrobe

  1. Leggings

Leggings are a must have because they are so versatile. If you are going for a casual look, they can be paired with a long t-shirt and either flats or wedge shoes. Pair with a tank top and sneakers for a work out. And with a dress and heels for a more dressed up look.

2. Maxi skirt

The maxi skirt is my go-to outfit on hot days when I don’t want anything constricting my legs. They come in a variety of styles: asymmetrical, A-line, short, midi and long. They can be paired with a tank top, a turtle neck or any other form fitting top.

3. Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is for the corporate gals. Paired with high heels, this look is an instant head turner for those who can pull it off.

4. Belts

Belts are a curvy gals best friend. On those days when you don’t want to a form fitting outfit, throw on a shapeless dress and go. Or use a belt to instantly transform the look.

5. Heels

High heeled shoes show off your curves. Simple. There’s just something feminine and sexy about heels. When I’m wearing them, I feel different, confident, bold, sexy. Even my walk feels different. Plus they vamp up any outfit.

6. Firm bras

A firm bra is another must have especially for those of us with ample bosoms. An ill-fitting bra ruins your outfit, your confidence and your posture. Saggy boobs give the illusion of slouched shoulders while a firm bra does the opposite. A good, firm bra will probably make a dent in your savings, but it’s a worthwhile expense. Check here for sites where you can find lovely bras for the amply blessed woman.

7. Shapewear

These cover up a multitude of rolls and cellulite and gives your outfit a smooth finish.

8. Black outfits

Black outfits are flattering on a curvy woman. They give a slimming effect and a nice silhouette. Another versatile staple for the curvy woman’s wardrobe, be it tops or dresses.

9. Jackets

Can be worn over tank tops, dresses or any tops at all. They come in a variety of styles as well, ranging from formal to casual.

10. Peplum top

A peplum top also hides some of those offending rolls. I wear a peplum top on days when I’m feeling bloated. Also a versatile piece that can be paired with skirt, trouser or leggings.


There you have it girls, if you have a wardrobe staple that I missed, please enlighten us 🙂 Drop a comment.

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In this corner…

As curvy women, it is a real headache finding fashionable outfits tailored specifically for us. But the internet being the wonderful place it is, if one has the time and patience to do some research, it is possible to find a few gems.

This blog is going to scour the internet everyday to help you curate these gems in one place so you don’t have to go looking. Where possible, we’ll also include links where some of the outfits can be purchased.

Happy viewing 🙂

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